Our Story

Acacia Creative.
What is Acacia? Transparency.

What is Acacia? Acacia is a native Australian plant family, home to the Wattle, Mimosa and many more. Our logo is a visual representation of this treasured flora and the way it embodies our brand:


Australian based – Elegant in nature – Geometrically perfect


The various elements of our brand come together to produce a unique outcome, similar to every strand of the Acacia plant. Our team all operate in Sydney, so all the outcomes we take on with our clients will be performed locally. Therefore, it allows us to create unique and custom brands for our clients ranging from logo designs to websites and branding. We collectively aim to provide outstanding services and effective creative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations, allowing them to progress further on to the path of success as growing businesses.


Our commitment to quality services and support continues to propel our growth and success.


Being transparent means all our work is completed internally amongst the Acacia Creative team. None of our services are offshore as our reliability is of the utmost importance. By operating locally within Australia, we can achieve solid results, abandoning all the risks of international delivery and more. With us, you will attain graphical perfection, working with a passionate group of designers, and achieve the design of your dreams without delay.

Our Mission
We aim to provide outstanding visual service and effective creative observable presentation branding that exceeds our clients’ expectations so that they will be proud of their final product.
Why We Do This
We love to see our designs being displayed and exhibited by our clients. Seeing them happy and pleased with their final visual product helps us keep moving!
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Our Story

Acacia Creative.
The Logo and How.

Geometric Plants

Acacia Wattle Family

Researching into the qualities that make Australia the great country, it offers insight into the most beautiful and unique plants in the world. Through the collection of data, we were able to gain sufficient inspiration for our primary logo design through:
1. Observing the structure of certain Australian plants
2. Understanding the pattern/shapes derived from the ‘plan’ of the plant

Further extraction of this data allowed us to successfully create a unique pattern to express the key motif of “outward growth”. This “outward growth” is ultimately the vision for our clients as we aim to provide any business a rise to progress regarding the visual aspects of the companies brand.

Hence, by blending all these features together, the Acacia Creative logo was formed to signify an intimately exclusive and timeless symbol.