Customer : Chalkwall
Categories : Branding, Website, Design
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What was the Project:

Chalkwall has been providing tutoring for students over 25 years now. They are one of the top tutoring companies in Western Sydney. Because of that success, they get a lot of traction on their website. One of the main features of the website is the ATAR Calculator. Chalkwall have been using a ATAR Calculator that is similar to all other websites and a generic style calculator without consideration of the user experience. The Chalkwall team approached us to revisit the ATAR Calculator and create one more focused around the user experience.


What were the Problems?

The current ATAR Calculator was focused around a table format and did not have the user experience in mind. When the user calculates the results, the website took quite some time to load and did not calculate the adjustments dynamically. The way the subjects were listed also made it hard to change and reset the selections, the user would have to refresh the page and start again. These were some concerns raised by the client and what we found during our research.



We started the project by researching what is needed for the user to have an easy time to calculate the results. We worked out 3 step process, with the subject selection being dynamic and easy process. Our development team were also able to code the entire calculator to be able to update the results dynamically. So as the user works out the initial results, they are able to increase and decrease the numbers to work out what they need to achieve.

Can view the calculator here. 

The ATAR Calculator achieved successful results when it was launched during the HSC period. Once we extracted the analytics we noticed a massive improvement. Previous years, bounce rate of the website was over 55%. While with this new calculator, we managed to take that bounce rate to 26% with over 3500 visits in 1 day.