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A strong, strategic brand goes far beyond the style and colours selected. Its durability as a commercial influence is conveyed through its ability to impact the distinctive aspects of business, including the staff and customers. After all, how they think and feel about the business is what identifies the core of the brand!

Logo Design:

Through our collaboration with highly-skilled specialists, we are able to effectively create inspiring and captivating logo design. Supported by extensive research and idea iterations, we explore a variety of possibilities before arriving at a comprehensive and timeless logo identity system. Throughout the design process, we aim to provide you with a multitude of options and ideas that communicate your intended purpose.

Digital, Marketing and Visual Communicative Designs:

There is a large diversity of methods to enhance the experience of a particular brand. But in order to wholly grasp this concept, we must first consider the many different ways in which customers are able to engage with the brand. Is engagement achieved through advertising, printed matter, or even social media? These mediums are important and determine the designs we work on. It is of utmost importance that your brand retains a lasting impact on all its customers and clients. To gain maximum exposure and an online presence is undoubtedly crucial.

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Company Naming and Ideas:

Designer’s block can be a major set-back in the production and flow of ideas of an existing business. Fortunately, our team of highly-skilled strategists work alongside many experienced professionals who are able to effectively identify and develop unique brand labels that will differentiate you within the market. Through further consolidation of copyright laws, we are then able to determine the perfect name for your brand, from which we will begin designing the material for it. To provide additional assurance, we take care of all processes from that point forward whether it be domain access, websites, logos, slogans or any particular issue you are concerned with.

Brand Guidelines:

To help you further solidify a strong base for your company, we create ‘company specific guidelines’ – a set of rules and regulations – for your new brand label. This is a comprehensive description of all the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ for the brand, such as correct typography, colour palette, image styles, design themes, stationary and others. By doing this, we can ensure you have all the instructions on how to apply the assets of your brand consistently and in accordance with the distinct ideas it intends to convey.

Environmental Designs:

Brands are not just observed, they are experienced. In addition to a company’s logo and digital presence, brands must also develop an intricate connection to the physical world. We design displays and all forms of signage, along with interior and exterior architecture which will tie your brand together and allow it to adapt cohesively to its environment.

Acacia Creative. We are specialists in visual communication, combining your initiative with creative thinking and advanced designs to achieve elite branding and exclusivity!

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